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The mythical City


Athens is the epitome of history and modern lifestyle where the city’s story is evident through its many monuments like the Parthenon. But as you wander through the streets, the traffic, loud...

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Birthplace of Jazz

New Orleans

No matter how many times you visit New Orleans, you’ll always have a different experience in the vibrant city. With the culture, music and the atmosphere, there’s a high chance you’ll f...

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True Paradise


Bali is what people say it is: alluring. The island might be small but has everything you need to be taken to paradise from beaches to forests. Out of all the Indonesian islands, what brings v...

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A Monumental City


Seville’s will instantly leave you in awe with its rich culture and architecture. There’s an essence about the city that’s intoxicating with its distinct architecture ranging from Gothic to...

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The Europe of Australia


The dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne takes great pride in being one of the world’s “most livable cities”. The city has a mixture of different vibes that can be seen and felt as ...

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The Magic City


If there’s one word to describe Miami, it’s hot. Not only the its temperature but everything the city has: the beaches, art scene, nightlife and definitely the people. Throughout the years, M...

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The Marvelous City

Rio de Janeiro

From its golden beaches to its green mountains, Rio de Janeiro will leave you star-struck with not only its beautiful landscapes but the striking architecture, vibrant culture, warm ...

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The Nevernight City


Even though Shanghai has been China’s most Westernized city, there are two sides of Shanghai you’ll see. There’s the modern one with some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, luxury shops a...

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The Eternal City


As much as Italy’s capital buzzes with its present everyday life, its history has a powerful essence on the lifestyle and culture. Rome has been through many emperors, popes, artists that have...

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City of the Kings


Lima isn’t necessarily the first South American city to think about when talking about the continent itself. As its surrounded by many major cities, Lima still knows how to impress its visitor...

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