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5 Factors On How To Save Money On The Road

5 Factors To Consider When Saving Money on the Road

When travelling, you would want to make the most out of your vacation. Having to spend for unnecessary expenses could be such a downer. This blog ...

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Top 20 Essential Things To Bring While Traveling

Top 20 Essential Things To Bring While Traveling

I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced forgetting something while traveling. The idea of not remembering to bring something you need at certain tim...

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Tips For Picking The Best Local Experience

Hot Tips For Picking The Best Local Experience For Your Vacation

It’s a very good time to be a traveler. Not too long ago, when you were traveling abroad, coordinating everything from a safe and com...

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Top 5 cheap to travel countries

More and more people are wanting to have cheaper travel. But there is an issue with cheaping out, usually you sacrifice something whether it’s comfort or an activity. That is why we have compiled a...

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Hipmunk has changed my travel life

Ok I LOVE to travel. I think that is a given. I started tourzan because I LOVE to travel. But there is one thing i love more than simply traveling. That is easily planning my routes. fo...

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Why you should eat local when traveling.

Cuisine is culture in action, there is something special in each and every dish you eat. A story behind each meal. I am from the USA our food is a hodge podge of different countries and invention. ...

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The Wild West of South America


Where the Dutch lifestyle meets the Wild West of Paramibo, the most lively capitals in the Guianas. Many visiting Suriname spend their time in the city to take in the picturesque colonial...

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Gateway to the Ivory Coast


A busy city in between water, Abidjan leaves one skeptical at first. The instant sight of shiny skyscrapers will have you questioning if you’re really in West Africa but the closer you get t...

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The Capital of Bhutan


Thimphu is a place like never before as it combines a small-town feel with its new commercial growth. The new and old charm makes the capital one of the world’s most intriguing destinations....

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An unexpected journey

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is unlike any other city. It will transport you to another world as it’s the gateway to the ancient and mystical Ethiopian history. But as the fourth-largest city in Africa,...

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