Hipmunk has changed my travel life

Ok I LOVE to travel. I think that is a given. I started tourzan because I LOVE to travel. But there is one thing i love more than simply traveling. That is easily planning my routes.

Hipmunk.com for those of you who don’t know is a airplane ticket price aggregator but where they shine is how they present  the agregation to you. They default the sorting by “Agony”

Each plane is sorted by price vs trip experience. You can see the departing and arival times in a timeline. I mean just check out this pic!

But what makes it a fun tool for me is the multi city search function. It lets me find the cheapest route. If you are like me and love to fiddle with route planning you can choose super obscure routes to see how it’s planned by airlines and then try to find a better route via one way flights.
Every now and then I find awesome deals on one way flights. Most recently I found a $492 one way flight from Brisbane, Australia to Seattle, USA and snagged it up!

Needless to say this site has changed the way I travel. There are however a few things i wish they did better. I would love to know the fare types I was getting and I wish i knew what flights make you pay to choose your seat. Even better would be airline reviews and post trip follow ups. In all honesty i have had some really crappy airlines knowing before you get locked into a non refundable ticket would be nice. Another thing i don’t see very often in price aggregators online is tour and experiences. We have rental cars, hotels and airfare but not tours or guides. Consider this is a moonshot but I would love to integrate Tourzan with Hipmunk. I think they embody the kind of innovation and character that I try to instil at Tourzan. Adam Goldstein if you are reading this hit me up! I would love to talk about the travel industry with you.

What about you? Do you have a favorite website where you buy plane tickets? Let us know!

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