In-person upselling is a horrible idea. Here's why.

Many tours offer a secondary upsell but usually they are free tours with kickbacks. One of the founding concepts of Tourzan was to make the experience immersive and take away the concept of feeling like you are paying to be sold something. Upsells suck. They hurt the consumer, they are a poor economic idea. If you need more? Why not charge more rather than work harder to upsell after the fact?

People do not want to feel like they are being blindsided and pressured into spending more on the spot. Tourzan is a cashless platform for this reason. Tour operators and Tour Guides who are upselling are in fact providing a disservice to themself and their customer.

I am writing this because it recently came to my attention that a customer of ours had this experience and was not happy they were already paying above the norm for an immersive experience only to get upsold. I could tell from talking with him that he was disturbed with it. It is Tourzan’s official stance that we do not like in-person upselling.

What can you do about it?

I encourage all our customers to write honest reviews. I do not want to pressure bias in these reviews. If you had a bad time, say it. It disways negative traits like upselling and informs us of issues with guides who should not be on our platform.

Guides and tour operators should Increase their rates to compensate for this. Set a minimum hours. People are

What are your thoughts on upselling?

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