Thank You For The Fun

This is a very hard  email for me to be writing. So much has happened over the last 5 years from the initial concept to where we are today. It is with much sadness that I must announce that is shifting away from being an active platform and to a passive platform. Over the last two years since launch we have done a lot of good to our users. We have provided active and passive marketing for you all at no cost to your-self. It has been an incredible journey spanning 403 cities, 113 different countries and 2000+ independent guides. Lots has been learned and a lot of you have helped me and the team grow so much. 

Here is what we have been able to give you in return:

For our early adopters we calculated on average $6000 of marking to have been spent on bringing your tour guide profile to customers. From that the average early adopter received close to 40,000 views per month. 

For most of you though you have received on average $1000 in active marketing and around 7,000 profile views per month. Even with our bottom performing profiles bringing in as little as 1000 views per month. All while delivering our platform to you for free.

As of May 2020 we made the choice to pull back marketing on all fronts and see how the pandemic would play out. The SEO capability of is strong and continues to bring in hundreds of views per week and we encourage you to link your personal businesses website to your profile so that you can take advantage of the SEO strength of our site. Sadly we were no longer in a position to be supporting active marketing with travel being closed off. 

Ultimately, we have made the decision to stop supporting and transition to a purely passive operation. By the end of February 2021 we will no longer be taking payment or paying out to any of the tour guides Tourzan. All orders will transition to our Mutual Agreement process and payment will be handled purely by methods preferred by the tour guide. Effective immediately we are no longer providing Liability and E&O insurance on orders placed through

This will be the last informational email from us as well if you receive any emails from Tourzan it will be someone reaching out for a booking request. Our customer support team will also no longer be answering emails except for profile deletion requests. New signups will be allowed but all 3rd party services are going to be suspended this might break parts of the website for new users.

So you might be asking how will my data be used going forward? 

We will be deleting all personal information that is no longer required by our third party services and partners. We are also scrubbing all 3rd party application data. This includes but is not limited to photo ID’s, banking information, phone numbers and email. 

Email communication from our email provider sendgrid will transition to purely transactional. This means that we will not store any email outside of the Tourzan Database and as such all Stored email from sendgrid will be saved for up to 5 years as a list for us to use should return to develop Tourzan further and rethink the business strategy. If we do not return to develop Tourzan further, the list is scheduled for deletion on February 1st 2025.

For our integration partners our test servers are shutting down however our live API and services will continue to work until our servers stop whenever that may be. We would encourage you to transition away from integrating with our services as we can no longer provide a guaranteed SLA on uptime. 

I genuinely want to thank everyone who put trust in us to deliver value to them. We wish you a happy holidays and hope you and your families are well and have weathered this pandemic.


All of us at 

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