Top 5 Instagram Travel Bloggers to Follow

Top 5 Instagram Travel Bloggers to Follow

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home after a long tiring day at school/work and scroll through a motivational feed on Instagram? It is inevitable that you feel bored with your everyday routine. Let us help and spice up your lives even just a little by suggesting the best instagram travel bloggers we know that would give you some serious case of travel goals. It will definitely make you feel excited for your next planned trip!

  1. EarthPix @earthpix

They have over 15.1 million followers. Considered to have the some of the best travel shots on instagram, capturing bright and pastel colored tones that best accentuates the places and figures that they have seen all over the world.

  1. Beautiful Destinations @beautifuldestinations

Inspiring people to travel, connect and create an impact on every follower- Beautiful Destinations has over 12.4 million followers. We can’t get enough of the photographs that they’ve took captured all over the globe, leaving you drooling and planning your next vacation asap.

  1. Murad Osmann @muradosmann

Famous for their hashtag #FollowMeTo, Murad Osmann started taking photos of his wife, Nataly uniquely by standing beside her and holding her hand while in front of the different beautiful places all over the world. He has over 4.2 million followers on his account, talk about being both couple and travel goals!

  1. Jack Morris @doyoutravel

  1. Laura Bullen @gypsea_lust

Jack and Laura are a couple who lives in Bali currently but still pursuing travelling the world side by side. They were both separate travel bloggers who found their way to each other and have become inseparable ever since. Travelling the world, one instagram post at a time.

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