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First of all, thank you for visiting my profile.

Why Mongolia? The Motherland of Genghis Khan who built the mighty Mongol Empire in the 13th century, the vast and historical land with thousands of years of ancient culture and history. Here, the as nomadic herders still depend on nature for survival, priceless treasures like wide-open space, untouched wilderness, fresh air and water are cherished dearly by the Nomadic Mongols. Mongolian people have a helpful, friendly and warm heart as their vast valleys.

Look, the following is the top 10 REASONS to visit MONGOLIA:
1. The Gobi Desert - Dinosaur native land /first complete egg has been found/
2. Authentic Nomadic Culture and Unrivaled Hospitality
3. Genghis Khan - Largest Empire in the history
4. Golden Eagle Festival /Eagle Hunting tradition/ and Naadam Festival
5. Most peaceful destination in the world
6. Nature and Abundant Wildlife
7. Five holy peaks of Altai Mountain range
8. "Travel Wish List - 2013" according to the NY Times and CNN
9. Adventure, wild travel /Camel, horse riding/
10. Nomadic Life

By the way, my name is Aslanbyek, you can call me Aslan, Aska or Alex (once I used to live in the USA, I got that name from his American friends). I have 7 years of experiences on a guide and traveling in Mongolia, especially in Western, Southern and Central Mongolia. I believe that the most important thing is a good customer experience. So, 7 years of experience driving me to provide quality, loyalty to customers. Please feel free to contact me.

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Hiking, trekking, traveling, discovering, exploring, researching the old traditional things of Mongolian Nomads and now I am doing some research on Legal Issues of Mongolia's Tourism sector.


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