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Hy! My name is Corina. First I was a traveler and I liked that so much that I became a tour guide and I created my own travel agency Secret Romania. I love Bucharest and Romania and I spend my free time exploring them and always discovering new spots that worth a visit. What better combination to guide you in Bucharest and in Romania? A traveler to know the feeling of discovering new places, a tour guide to know the locations and tell you their stories and a Romania connoisseur to sharel you with passion and enthusiasm all you need to know about this beautiful country and more.

After I got my license guide, I started to organize tours, combining the well known attractions with the less known places. I believe that a true journey will offer you great experiences and will make you friend for the visited land. That is why I plan each tour with the purpose that, at the end of it, you can say “That was a true journey!”.
Come with your heart opened and you will fall in love with Bucharest and with Romania!


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