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Dear Guests, My name is Đorđe, and I know what you are going to say ; "How to pronounce the name of this guy " ?
:) Well, the letter that you are not familiar with is the letter from our own alphabet and it is unique like many things that we have here in the region of ex - Yugoslavia countries. Guests from around the globe usually call me George or Georgy.
I have finished university of tourism in Kotor - specialist level and I have worked many different things in tourism in the past 8-9 years. I used to work in travel agency where I had great experience, that helped me become responsible and mature for the demanding business as tourism is. I have spent 2 years working on the cruise ship, where I have meet many beautiful people, different cultures and countries which helped me understand other people much better and to grow as a person. Now, in past two years, I am back home at Montenegro where I work as a tour guide.
I do mostly individual tours and I do it with my private car. I believe that individual excursions are the best way to show your country to foreigner, to explain him your mentality, culture, tradition. I have excellent knowledge of my country including cities on the seaside and its riviera, then our mountains, lakes, national parks).
If it is not your first time in our little country, and you wish to explore, or do some activities I am able to organize it for you. Depending what are your points of interests we can visit different mountains, villages, or seaside beaches. I can help you to organize great rafting experience on Tara river, or do the horse riding somewhere in the hills. You can do the jeep safari in the mountains of north, or have a boat ride at one of the lakes. If you are more for easy exploring in the combination with the food and drinks, we can try different Montenegro and Balkan specialties, in the together with our great vine and liquor. We can visit the monuments of different cities, speak about the history of my country, see what are things in common or what is different between our cultures.
What my friends and colleagues usually say about me is that I am easy going and patient person with positive attitude and energy. What I believe, regarding the business, is that I am well organized, and that I am always looking to provide best solutions and service for my guests. From the moment you step in the vehicle with me until the end of the tour I am trying to provide my service in nice and gentle way so you can feel like you are at home.
My country is cozy and beautiful. It is small place but crossed with numerous canyons and gorges, and I see it as a playground made just for me. It is a perfect combination of eastern European and Balkan folklore, full of paradox and people with the good spirit. All of this, together with the sunny Mediterranean on the south gives me lot of opportunity to play around.
Hopefully, you will contact me so we can play and enjoy together, and I can share with you my passion and love for Montenegro.


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