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I am a Buenos Aires native who loves interacting with people and sharing my deep knowledge and passion for this city: its history, art, architecture, food, literature, etc.
The tours I offer are meant for people who love to explore places off the beaten track, and for those who enjoy discovering hidden gems. Also, for those looking to get the personal attention that can only be achieved in a small group tour.
Let me create a Specialty Tour tailored to your specific requirements, where you will get the information, perspectives and history that is most interesting to you.
The tour won’t be done in the traditional big group style. Because we enter most of the buildings that we visit you will receive a truly personal experience of each place that most large walking tours won’t be able to offer.
The tour will include city landmarks that deviate from your typical must-see tourist stops, so you will have an authentic local experience. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy discovering unique places that are not on the standard touristic circuit or included in any guidebook, the places that the locals enjoy every day.
My Past and Present occupations: I was a bilingual assistant for a medical tourism company, history research assistant, and an adviser to a travel magazine about places and activities in Argentina. I have taken classes in Argentine literature and history, tourism, History of Art, Latin American Art, architecture and the history of Buenos Aires and its neighborhoods.
I speak fluent English having lived, worked and studied in the US. for 16 years.
If you seek out Off the Beaten Path locations instead of the common tourist attractions, love to listen to stories you might otherwise never have the chance to hear, and are looking to experience the real Buenos Aires, please contact me.

Neighborhood walks- Architectural Jewels- Dictatorship tour


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