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Hi - Welcome to Iceland. I am Gudrun Private Guide in Iceland and I would love to take you around in my wonderful home country Iceland. I do half day tours, full day tours and multiple day tours from Reykjavik and around the whole country driving my own supertruck or 4x4 with luggage trailer if needed.

The most popular tour are the Golden Circle tour with national park Thingvellir, golden waterfall Gullfoss and geothermal area Geysir where you see some of the most popular places in Iceland. Another popular tour is the South Coast with all the waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and even the well known black volcanic beach called Reynisfjara. During this tour you see the famous volcano that stopped all the air traffic between the US and Europe in 2010. These tours are on the beaten path.

If you want to do something different then I would love to send you some suggestions based on your ideas or if you are interested in hearing my ideas. Please email me and we will see what kind of itinerary we can agree on.

I am used to driving snow and harsh conditions here in the Icelandic countryside since I have professional driver's license and can drive mini buses and buses if needed. If you are interested in hiring a separate driver that can be arranged at an extra price.


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