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I am an adventurous female Ugandan, who believes that going into a new place one needs a friendly familiar person to take them around and that person will be me when you come to Uganda.
I was born and raised in Uganda, stayed in the city for ten or more years so I know where the crazy party is at, the quite dinner, the price friendly and decent apartment. Uganda is a country of numerous diversities in every sense; culture, languages, religion, politics name it. We have beautiful mountains for mountain climbers, beautiful falls, the source of river Nile as you already know, game parks and reserves to visit, forests, to mention but a few.
I am able and willing to move around with you in town and or out of town and I will make sure that you are having a great time in Uganda.
I love road trips, sightseeing, dancing and tasting different kinds of food so be assured to have fun while doing all this.
As your guide, I promise to stay out of your space if and when you require so. I will be there when you need me to do what I love, my job.
Tour with me and will be a memorable tour to Africa – Uganda. Looking forward to seeing you


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