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My name is Eduardo Tapia, I am a local Guide in Patagonia since the last 19 years, I am passionate about the place that watches me grow, I became a professional rock climbing guide and kayaking guide and also I guide Hiking trips in Chilean Patagonia with special sight on photography.

Itineraries depend on the time of the clients and in this time of the year of the weather conditions, the main attractions are:
Valle Ascencio, the base of the towers or Cerro Paine, both offers an amazing view, trips during a day, climbing pics near Puerto Natales.
Any kind of trip that involves mountains I am happy to guide it.

I am passionate about Photography and winter Hiking trips or kayaking trips.

My guiding services are oriented to be done in the range of Torres del Paine national park and other places near Puerto Natales, both during the seasonal time and spacially Winter Time, from hiking into the mountains guiding services to wildlife photography.
I highly recommend doing this guided tours thinking in the weather conditions, in your motivation and fitness, most important in your own time.



Time slots:

Minimum hours: 8

Cost per each additional person: 0.00



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