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Hey, Myself Muhammad Junaid Aslam Qureshi and I'm muslim guy. I'm a brilliant soccer brilliant footballer and brilliant hardworker. My hobby's are few but that few's alot for me like Swimming, Horse Riding, Books Reading, Internet Surfing, Knowing about new technologies in the entire world, Playing Football, Ride the Heavy Bikes on Track, Drive the dream car's and the last one 'Travelling New Cities'. My good habbits that woke up early morning, going to gym, doing much workout, teaching unpaid orphans students, keep better guided everyone and putting myself in Sujood ALHAMDULILLAH. My bad habits that I'm like a angry bird type of person, annoying much well to other's, keep own secrets in my heart, being hesitating to motherfucker bitches yeah that's all about me. This is I'm! ☺


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Minimum hours: 8

Cost per each additional person: 15.00


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