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I am a Dynamic Tour Guide who develops many different ways to entertain and educate each and every tour group. Adept at delivering excellent customer service, talking to large groups and turning each tour into an experience. Insists on maintaining a professional and pleasant attitude at all times We meet as strangers but bid each other fondly farewell as lasting good friends.
Picturesque Tours
We at Picturesque Tours are both passionate and committed to offering a unique and wonderful experience whilst enjoying our City. Our tours are customized to offer the most exhilarating, interesting and certainly the most scenic sights. We take the time to make your stay in Cape Town one of the most successful and stress-free visits. Cape Town is a multicultural city, filled with numerous Historical monuments, beautiful Fauna and Flora, stunning beaches, and one of the seven World wonders, Table Mountain, which will take your breath away. Explore the various Winelands and enjoy the beautiful valleys filled with lots of history, which will make your experience even more enriched, when you visit Cape Town with me, a dynamic registered Tour guide. Our services include a full guided tour with a knowledgeable local Guide, in luxury vehicles.


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