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I'm a degreed art historian and work as a video artist, writer and English tutor (so those are basically my hobbies as well). I love travelling and staying in the foreign countries as much as I can and getting to know different people with different professions and interests from all around the world (which is also the subject I'm exploring in my video art). I love my home city where I was born and am always happy to meet new people and show them around. Just tell me what you'd like to see and we'll think of the best programme for our tour around Moscow.
Moscow museums and galleries (the choice depends on what art you prefer) - The Tretyakov Gallery (classic or modern art department), The Pushkin Museum, Moscow Kremlin Museums, Red square... This all is a must tourist routine for the first time stay. But if you've already seen it and have more time left or it's not your first time in Moscow, then the unexplored part will begin. Again, depending on your interests it might be a tour around Moscow gardens, parks and big mansion houses, Moscow boulevards and the hidden authentic parts of old aristocratic Moscow, its small beautiful streets away from the busy traffic and the crowds. If you're interested in the Soviet period, we'll see the best buildings and monuments of that time, which are also very impressive. Moscow has so many great things to see, once I counted and discovered that showing it to someone properly would take me no less than a month! So, whatever you like, together we'll find the best way for you personally.

I offer:
- individual tours around Moscow museums and galleries as well as temporary exhibitions.
- group and individual tours around Moscow metro.
- group and individual walking tours around Moscow tourist attractions and less famous places only known to the locals as well as palace complexes and parks.


Time slots:

Minimum hours: 1

Cost per each additional person: 0.00


  • Moscow Underground Palaces Rating: 0.00
    Moscow Underground Palaces

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    General Moscow walking tour

    200.00 USD

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