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My childhood passion for wildlife led me to becoming a safari guide, where I shared my love for the African wilderness with international travellers. Growing up in Serengeti District where the amazing Serengeti National Park lies, it became my dream to transform this interest into a lifelong career. I completed high school and went onto study Wildlife. However, however it was not long after finishing Wildlife College and working in different facets of the Hospitality industry, that I was drawn back to Ranger Training College to pursue the passion that was always so close to my heart. A year later, I made my childhood dream to become a Safari guide for the international visitors from world over at different companies of global repute, I worked in most of the Wilderness areas in Africa.

Over the following 15 years, within these remote and pristine areas, I learned the true essence of safari and discovered his innate ability to bridge the gap between man and the natural environment. In addition to my general knowledge, experience and ability for interpreting the bush. , Strengths as a private guide lie in my sensitive approach towards wildlife and wilderness areas, connecting those less familiar to this environment through sensory engagement.

I believe most travellers to Africa arrive excited to see her iconic animals and experience her unique budget or luxury safari lodges. However, they leave with intense memories of seeing the brightest skies while lion roar in the darkened distance, and of the peaceful solitude of an African sunset. I think you’ll love what the African wilderness will do for your soul.


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