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I create active, authentic journeys that take you straight to the heart of some of Jamaica’s most incredible places. I am thrilled to show my visitors the most famous sights and the hidden gems. The tours I offer are customized to my guest's personalities and wishes. I prefer the conversation rather than lecture.I am more than pleased when I can see that my customers are enjoying themselves on the tour.

A little about me (Personally)

- Adventure-seeker with outstanding navigational skills
- A formal training in tourism management
- Vast knowledge of Jamaica's geography and a certain area’s off the beaten tracks
- Outgoing and friendly personality
- Excellent leadership and problem-solving abilities
- Adept with GPS navigation system
- Goal-driven and dedicated
- A deep passion for nature and environmental causes
- Open-mindedness to others’ opinions and ideas
- Admirable resourcefulness


Time slots:

Minimum hours: 2

Cost per each additional person: 0.00


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