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Specialist about Historical, Cultural and Enogastronomic tourism. Believes that every vacation and trip should be a unique and personalised experience - fulfilling your wishes and making your deepest holiday dreams come true.

My aim is to make all visitors not only fall in love with Sicily (that would be too easy!) - but to make them wish to come back and discover a Sicilian soul inside them. The reason why I enjoy my activity of being a personal guide is because I can really let travelers and visitors of Sicily to really deeply experience the history, geography, culture and society of Sicily. What I especially focus my attention is to be in touch with characteristic local people who do not know foreign languages and really express the genuinity of the Sicilian people; the time travelling experience where even in my town Trapani is possible to be in touch with archeological and historical site starting from 3, 000 years ago; the outstanding nature made by excellent landscapes and seasides places along the coast of Western Sicily; the excellent organic food and especially the wine from Western Sicily, a world top producer since thousands of years.

Those few examples are encouraging every one who wants to be in touch with me, to contact me with specific enquiries to personalize each tour at the optimal level.


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