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Be a tour guide is a state of mind!! I love to receive and meet people, so, this is my passion! As I love my city and my country. . . everything is easy for me. . . all is a pleasure.

I believe that sharing the affection and stories provide the most unforgettable travel experiences and of course not forgetting the food and drink that are very important too! I love sharing my taste for local culture and give some suggestions from my experience.

Besides hiring a tour guide !!
The most important things to do in the world are. . .
- to get something to eat
- something to drink
and somebody to love you!

I lead tours all over Porto and Portugal including all principal sites that you should not miss, but, also some "pearls" that are not on the guides! My intention is to show you my town and Portugal as a Porto citizen as I am. I am able to customize the tour to suit your interest. So, pick the tour that you would like, and I am sure, with my humble affection, we will be happy at the end of the day!
I'm also available to offer customized tours for all types of travellers, according your limitations and I can arrange for different group sizes.


Time slots:

Minimum hours: 1

Cost per each additional person: 0.00


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