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Hi there! I am a private tour guide who has a strong interest, knowledge and passion for heritage and therefore so enjoy taking visitors on a Port Elizabeth City Heritage Tour. From the Khoi San who were here originally, The Dutch who farmed in the area, the arrival of the Nguni, named Xhosa by the San people meaning "Angry man", to the British Settlers arriving in 1820. It is here that I can really lose myself going back in time imagining what it was like prior to 1820 when the city was just a tented military camp, then when the British Settlers landed in 1820, the shock and disbelief they must have felt, arriving on the shores of wild Africa and how the city developed through to today.
Being a member of Mandela Bay Heritage Trust and the Historical Society of Port Elizabeth allows me to continue learning through these platforms which is just so interesting and what enjoyment passing this knowledge on to my visitors.
I also absolutely adore animals especially the elephants. I love watching animals in their natural habitat, socialising and enjoying the freedom of safe areas for them to live in. Whether at Addo Elephant National Park where you watch from a distance as they go about their daily routines or at the Knysna Elephant Park where one is able to actually gently touch these orphans who have been given a 2nd chance in life, free from the dangers of poachers.


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