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Shape your personal project and explore Morocco with Walid Naciri.
Whatever are your wishes to discover Morocco and the way you would like to concretize them, please just ask, I will send you a personalized proposal.
Whether you are a group of friends, a family or an individual, just share with me your expectations, the kind of trip you want to do, I will be able to give you a specific offer.
I can give you advices, help you discovering new places, hidden secrets and recommend guests houses, hotels, monuments, restaurants …everywhere in Morocco.
I organize specific Marrakesh medina visits : show and explain to you the way of living of Moroccan people, their culture, their religion, and go deeply to the past : it can be the Kasbah, the mellah, the palaces, the foundouks, the “zaouias”.
I can recommend you selected ryads and palaces in the imperial cities, and beautiful Kasbahs and ksour in the southern desert regions with the charm of the Moroccan tradition and the comfort of international standards.


Time slots:

Minimum hours: 25

Cost per each additional person: 0.00


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