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Hello ! My name is Akira, but please call me Aki. I am a national licensed tour guide in English. I am specialized in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe and Hiroshima. When you have a plan to visit those area, please contact me. In those area, you can find a traditional and cultural Japan. I will guide you wherever you would like to visit and you can enjoy Japan with me for sure.

I worked for an export company for more than 30years and met many people from overseas who were interested in Japanese culture, history and buildings. So after I retired, I decided to become a tour guide.

Please let me know what and where you are interested in so that I can arrange it for you, and make your itinerary which you will be satisfied with.

In my spare time, my hobby is Japanese martial art Aikido (black belt 2nd grade).

If you are interested in Japanese martial art, I am pleased to talk about it with you.
Looking forward to your inquiry.

Thank you so much for reading my introduction, and I look forward to sharing my country with you.


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