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Hi there,

This is Victor, greetings from Hong Kong! I'm always here if you want to know more about the other side of Hong Kong!

As long as you’re curious, you will find that Hong Kong is a unique city in different aspects.

You may not know, Hong Kong has at least 300 million years history and has been active for the living of people for at least few hundred years! Luckily, the evidence of the above history still exists in today’s Hong Kong and it does not take you a long day journey to get there! I can show you one by one if you have interests in culture, history and even geology.

If you love hiking, I also have the same hobby with you! As you may not know too, 40% of Hong Kong are reserved as country parks since 1970s. A surprising statistic, right? This can also prove that Hong Kong is not only a city with tons of crowded buildings, but also various astonishing nature views.

But before knowing comprehensively about Hong Kong, how could it be done without our basic need – food? In Hong Kong, you don’t have to go to chain stores anymore as you may do in your hometown, lots of local food which is more than delicious are everywhere. If you want, I can show you the real delicious food here!

The most important thing is, I lived in Sweden and Mexico for a period and travel as a backpacker a lot. I know what an explorer want in their journey, just come and I’ll try my best to show you more than you expected!


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