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I'm fun loving with an adventurous spirit. I have learnt a lot about Paraguay over the years and have been just about everywhere one would want to go making numerous friends and contacts even in the remotest areas. This makes a whole lot of difference in a country where who you know is much more useful than what you know.

I've organized, booked and guided personalized tours for groups of 2 to 40 people for up to 2 weeks. From 50 to 5000 kms around the whole of Paraguay for people of all ages - from teenagers to seniors.

I speak English, Spanish and Guarani fluently and Portuguese pretty well.

I'm into adventure, rural and historical tourisim. Sight-seeing, camping and photo safaris off the beaten track to pristine nature reserves and national parks.

From top of the line rural hotels that have everything a tourist could imagine to 5 star international chains await the most exacting visitor.

Drop me a line to tailor your trip to your taste at really great prices.


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Minimum hours: 4

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