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Hello Everyone! Prince J Mulangila is my name or simply call me JM Prince. I live in Kampala the great capital city of Uganda the Pearl of Africa . Uganda is a country richly gifted by nature. i am an extrovert and hospitable person who loves meeting new people and making new friends. I love adventures and am very passionate about travelling to new places. I love meeting new people from around world since it gives me opportunity to learn new cultures, languages and appreciate different life styles and personalities. Hey! anyone out there thinking of travelling the world to explore, learn and experience the wonders of the world such as cultures, historicals, Talents, Wildlife, forests and nature generally, then think of visiting my Lovely City Kampala and my Uganda for lasting and unforgettable excursion memories. Am well placed , i will take you around my city and my country show you the wonders for your lasting memories. I assure you my city and my country is a Must-Visit Tour Destination in the world it has all it takes to offer you the best experiences in tour enthusiasm and am here to give you all the tour trails ranging from cultural sites to historical sites, landing sites to wildlife parks, bird watching sites to caves areas with traditional enrichment and so much more. Come, I will Show You the wonders of My City Kampala and My country Uganda-The pearl of Africa!!


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