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Hi there!
My name is Satish. Born and brought up in the Netherlands. I just turned 18 when I moved to India to go to university; the country where my ancestor are from originally. After almost 6 years I returned to the Netherlands only to find out that I wanted to see more of the world. Next stop: Surinam. That was 2013 and I am still here. I set up a succesful business in tourism in the last couple of years so decided to hang around a bit longer ;-)
As I shifted to unknown destinations myself, I know how difficult it can be at the same time how convinient it can be if smeone can ''show you around'' and tell you about the do's and dont's!
I have travelled a lot to the jungle here and I know a lot about the history, culture, country, and way of live over here.
From business point of view I organise tours to towards the interior, may asissist you with finding suitable and low-budget accommodation, and can guide you myself to the corners of this city and many other places!

My business is officially registered with the local national chamber of commerce. All our vehicles are insured including additional insurance for passengers at any given time.


Time slots:

Minimum hours: 3

Cost per each additional person: 5.00


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