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Mabuhay! My name is Serck and I am a proud Filipino and local tour guide. I am born and raised in the Philippines and I have been around to almost known tourist spots and destinations around the archipelago.

I have a decade of career experience in both Travel and Hospitality Industries. I have worked for its different sectors until I focused on Tourism. I have been a tour guide for Filipino and Korean student groups, Foreign and Balikbayan families, and of course- my own set of friends.

During my free time outside the tour guiding scene, I do food tripping and post pictures of everyday things on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Since I love binge watching anything about lifestyle, travel and The National Geographic Channel, my lifelong goal is to visit every island in The Philippines and tour around the world. I can fascinate you with anything trivial about my country.

The Philippines is considered as an interesting travel destination. With 7, 107 islands (depending if it is high- tide or low- tide), my home country also boasts rich and diverse wildlife and ecosystem, history and of course, Filipinos are known for our warm hospitality.

Whether you are up for an adventure or relaxation while touring, we'll make sure your Philippine travel experience is a hassle-free and memorable one. Should you have anything in mind, just let me know before we hit the road.

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