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Every country has its own beliefs and customs according to its own geographical setting, its own respective religion. Therefore, if you want to discover colorful features of a country deeply, you may need someone to get a better understanding. Therefore, I am here for you. My name is Ye Htun and you can also address me as "Htun"

I am a professional licensed tour guide who has been engaged in the travel industry for about three years and I am working as a outbound tour leader, freelance English trainer in my spare time. Before, I also spent two years in the hospitality industry. Although I had varied careers, I threw myself into travel industry as a freelance tour guide with the hope of sharing my knowledge of golden land "Myanmar" I am a wanderlust one and I have been most of the places of Myanmar. I would love to observe ways of life of tribes, culture, history. I am honest, a friendly man, an energetic person, an enthusiastic young man and of course a man of humour. I am proud to be a global citizen and love to explore everything.

My hobbies are singing, taking photos, telling stories, travelling, reading, exchanging knowledge, meeting strangers.

As a tour guide, I offer walking tours, trishaw tours, half & full day tours, multi-day tours with the reasonable price based on my hometown Yangon. I definitely know everyone has a unique travelling style and particular interests, different ideas to create a fabulous trip. I really value the uniqueness of your own. That is why, I would be very happy to take the opportunity to create and design the customized tours or tailor-made tours depend on your preferences, schedule, budgets, requirements. My arranged tour programs are a simply suggestion and can be quite flexible to redesign and customize for you. I would also be very glad to take you to stunning places which are uncharted with "wow" factor after you have enough with highlighted sights of Myanmar. Moreover, my very highest aim is to deliver professional service, to follow all guidelines of responsible tourism, to create unique adventure and culture tours to give treasured memories to my clients. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to welcoming you one of my unique tours.



Time slots:

Minimum hours: 2

Cost per each additional person: 15.00


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    Insight Of Yangon Tour

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    Professional Guiding Service

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    Explore Like A Local

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    Explore Like A Local (Yangon)

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