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Tours by locals in Krasnodar

From Scythians to Cossacks

  • Type: private tour
  • Languages: English
  • Hours: 240
  • Price: 1-1 persons: 0.00 USD for all,
  • Additional people: 0.00 USD for each person
  • Maximum participants: 10
  • Contact guide directly to book a tour

local guides in Krasnodar who can show you around.

Average hourly rate: 40.00 USD


  • Rate: 40.00 USD/hour
  • Min hours: 2
  • Languages: English Russian

  • I enjoy spending my time traveling. And for me, the best way to do it is to travel by car ...

General information

Krasnodar is the capital of Krasnodar Krai.

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