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Beirut (Arabic: بيروت‎, French: Beyrouth) is the capital city of Lebanon with a population of approximately 2.1 million people in its metropolitan area. The city is on a relatively small ...

General information

The Republic of Lebanon (Arabic: لبنان) is a small country (10,452km² in area) with 3.7 million inhabitants) within the Middle East region with its capital being Beirut. It has a long coastline on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and shares a long land border with its much larger neighbour Syria to the north and the east, a much shorter (and currently "hot") border with Israel to the south.

WARNING: Travel to eastern, southern, and northern areas which are close to the Syrian and Israeli borders that are not advised due to the spillover from the war with Syria and the conflict with Israel. Just keep a low profile and stay alert. Avoid cities like Hermel, Dannieh and others close to the Syrian or Israeli border. The best cities to visit currently are Byblos, Beirut, Jounieh, Sidon and Tyre.Despite a few incidents, Beirut and nearby areas as well as many other parts of the country are still reasonably safe and the chances to be caught up in anything are very remote. South Beirut, Baalbek, Sidon, Beqaa valley have also suffered sporadic clashes and/or security incidents but these are occasional events that don't happen often.

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