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Doha is the capital of Qatar. It is a modern and rapidly developing city and, considering the money being poured into construction, Doha looks set to become one of the ...

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NOTE: As of June 16th 2017, 8 countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, the Maldives and Comoros) have placed a diplomatic embargo between them and Qatar, while 7 countries (Jordan, Djibouti, Chad, Gabon, Niger, Eritrea and Senegal) have downgraded their relationships with the country. In spite of that, Qatar still remains a reachable destination (only by air though) and this event shouldn't play a significant role in your choice to visit the country, but it is recommended that you stay updated.Qatar (قطر "kat-ir") is a peninsula jutting into the Persian Gulf, to the east of Saudi Arabia, East of Bahrain and West of the Emirates.

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